How to get free Clash of Clans gems!

Are you addicted to Clash of Clans just like I am? Then you should be interested in free gems! You know, those things that allow you to build and play faster, catch up with the top players and eventually dominate other clans!

There are many ways to get a couple of gems per day but this is not enough if you want to play without limits. Therefore, if you want to get as many as 100 000 free gems, you need something else. And I am happy to tell you that this "something else" exists.

So, to get 100 000 free Clash of Clans gems, go to extragems.com and enter your CoC player name. Then proceed to the next step and select the amount of gems you would like to receive. I recommend just choosing the biggest package.

Then continue to the next step and share the page. This is important if you want to receive the reward. As soon as you complete the sharing, you will receive your personally generated bonus code and will be able to claim the bonus immediately!

I hope this guide helps. Happy playing with your free gems!

(A guest post by Paul Johnson)